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What’s a LandFAX Study?

Feasibility studies for real estate – Many developments are planned prior to being purchased. These decisions are often based on initial feasibility studies, in order for the purchaser to evaluate a development’s potential value.

With more than 10 years experience, the professionals at LandFAX can identify those areas most likely to affect the development of any land parcel an investor or developer is considering.

Why do I need one?

Simply put, a LandFAX feasibility study will expand your knowledge regarding a particular parcel(s), so you can make a better go/no-go decision on purchasing a particular piece of property.

You may be investing your own hard-earned money, or funds from a partnership or syndicate. Maybe you’re advising someone who is counting on you to wisely invest her or his money in a solid investment. Or you could be responsible for properties as a manager or government official.

We have a list of professions that would likely use feasibility studies in their daily work lives. No matter what, though, intelligence on property or properties is vital, especially with the way the real-estate market is nowadays.

How is it done?

We at LandFAX are able to carry out land-feasibility studies via computer and the Internet. Many feasibility studies can be completed in 48 business hours, while the rest are usually wrapped up within 72 business hours.

All of the information gathered for you is compiled into a comprehensive report, which both identifies the current conditions at the site and informs you of any obvious or hidden abnormalities that will hit your wallet … hard.

It’s the “hidden abnormalities” for which you really need to watch. Such flaws and anomalies can significantly change your investment, returns and timeline. Unpleasant surprises can come in the form of zoning laws, wetlands, covenants, neighboring sites, historical-significance sites, proposed new projects, previous contamination and environmental restrictions.

We have a list of the types of data for which we search, which are generally included in our LandFAX feasibility reports.

How do I order?

We’ve made the process or ordering very simple.Near the top of any page of this Website, you’ll find a search box. Enter in the address in which you’re interested, or the latitude/longitude coordinates. After you click enter, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll be able to begin the ordering process by filling out and submitting a form.

Want to see an example of the type of intelligence we offer? You can download a sample report (.PDF download).

If you have questions for which you need an answer prior to ordering, please feel free to email us via our Contact form.