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Surveying 101: The Land Surveying Process

The process of surveying land isn’t something you just put on your “to-do” list for any particular day, like going to the store or dry cleaners. It takes time and effort to conduct one … and a whole lot more.

The actual process has been much improved by using modern tools like global-positioning system (GPS) satellites and other measuring devices. Even so, a survey still involves a surveyor going out to a property and measuring distances. The larger the property, the more time it takes.

What’s more, land surveyors in the U.S. need to be licensed by the state (or states) in which they survey property. That takes education, practice and money. Again, something that will likely not be on your checklist of things to do for a particular day.

So … what does a land survey entail?

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Surveying 101: Why Survey, And When?

It’s a good question, actually: When … and why … should you have a parcel of land surveyed?

Basically, a survey gives you the intelligence—the facts—you need to know when you’re buying a piece of property. It’s also very important to have one on hand if a dispute arises about your land after you’ve purchased it.

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