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The CARFAX Model and Real Estate

Dollar SignBuying Cars and Real Estate

When you think about it, there’s quite a few similarities between the two. With purchasing a previously owned car, you need to make sure it isn’t a lemon, hasn’t been in a major accident or had water damage, has a clear title, and so on. Unfortunately, a mechanic isn’t able to sniff out all of the problems a car might have. That’s why you need a real edge in this type of situation.

Enter CARFAX®, which has built its successful business on giving its customers as much detailed information as it can on the vehicle(s) they want to buy … before they sign on the dotted line. After all, an educated consumer is the best customer. And CARFAX® has millions of satisfied customers who have either bought used cars, or who have dodged a bullet and not purchased a particular car based on one of its reports.

How do cars and real estate link up in this situation?

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