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The CARFAX Model and Real Estate

Dollar SignBuying Cars and Real Estate

When you think about it, there’s quite a few similarities between the two. With purchasing a previously owned car, you need to make sure it isn’t a lemon, hasn’t been in a major accident or had water damage, has a clear title, and so on. Unfortunately, a mechanic isn’t able to sniff out all of the problems a car might have. That’s why you need a real edge in this type of situation.

Enter CARFAX®, which has built its successful business on giving its customers as much detailed information as it can on the vehicle(s) they want to buy … before they sign on the dotted line. After all, an educated consumer is the best customer. And CARFAX® has millions of satisfied customers who have either bought used cars, or who have dodged a bullet and not purchased a particular car based on one of its reports.

How do cars and real estate link up in this situation?

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Top Real Estate Investment Tools

graphic of Real Estate Investing ToolsYour next real estate deal will only be as good as the information you have on it prior to signing on the dotted line.

How do you get that information, crunch the numbers, and so on? Tools; specifically, technology-based tools.

In our minds, such tools should help an investor, whether s/he is an individual or part of a larger organization, determine if a property fits into their criteria … whatever that may be. The tools should be flexible enough to use for any criteria, too.

In no particular order, here’s a few of our favorite tools:

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We’ve Relaunched!

It’s official: LandIntelligence USA is now LandFAX™ USA.

With this relaunch, we’ve made the site much easier to navigate and use. To get started, all you need to do is enter an address or the latitude/longitude of the property in which you’re interested  into the search bar that appears near the top on every page of this site (including this page).

Once you click “Search,” you’ll be taken to a page that on one side lets you look at a Google Maps image of the property you entered. Directly to the right of the map is a form you fill out to get the LandFAX report process started.

After you click “Send” on that form, a LandFAX representative will get in touch with you within one business day.

Because our clients always have special needs or requirements for their

If you’d rather not fill out the online form, you can call us at (301) 392-0787, or fax in your order at (888) 466-6507 [download .PDF].

When you need to make the right decision about your next real estate purchase, or require background on a property you currently own, you need intelligence … plain and simple.

That’s where LandFAX USA comes in.

What’s more, we’re able to compile most reports within 72 business hours.

You can see what is included in a LandFAX report, and check out what types of professionals need LandFAX reports to conduct their daily business.


We also believe in giving back to our community. In that vein, we have several initiatives planned to help consumers and professionals alike learn more about the entire real-estate development process. From the initial land survey to certificates of occupancy, you’ll learn it all here at the LandFAX Website.

Here’s what we have planned:

Videos. Soon, we’ll publish a series of videos put together by licensed Professional Land Surveyor and Engineer Gore Bolton. This series encompasses a wide range of topics related to real-estate development. We’ll begin posting these videos starting in December, 2011.

White papers. Beginning in early 2012, we’ll publish white papers about a variety of topics that you’ll run across in real-estate development.

Blog. Our blog will cover a wide variety of news and issues pertaining to real-estate development. We’ll also provide tips for those in the business. We’ve already published two parts of an ongoing series that teaches the basics of land surveying, called Surveying 101.

It’s our hope that you’ll find this Website to be of tremendous value to you, as you walk through the maze of real estate. If you have any comments, suggestions, etc., please use our Contact form.

Surveying 101: The Land Surveying Process

The process of surveying land isn’t something you just put on your “to-do” list for any particular day, like going to the store or dry cleaners. It takes time and effort to conduct one … and a whole lot more.

The actual process has been much improved by using modern tools like global-positioning system (GPS) satellites and other measuring devices. Even so, a survey still involves a surveyor going out to a property and measuring distances. The larger the property, the more time it takes.

What’s more, land surveyors in the U.S. need to be licensed by the state (or states) in which they survey property. That takes education, practice and money. Again, something that will likely not be on your checklist of things to do for a particular day.

So … what does a land survey entail?

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Surveying 101: Why Survey, And When?

It’s a good question, actually: When … and why … should you have a parcel of land surveyed?

Basically, a survey gives you the intelligence—the facts—you need to know when you’re buying a piece of property. It’s also very important to have one on hand if a dispute arises about your land after you’ve purchased it.

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