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The CARFAX Model and Real Estate

Dollar SignBuying Cars and Real Estate

When you think about it, there’s quite a few similarities between the two. With purchasing a previously owned car, you need to make sure it isn’t a lemon, hasn’t been in a major accident or had water damage, has a clear title, and so on. Unfortunately, a mechanic isn’t able to sniff out all of the problems a car might have. That’s why you need a real edge in this type of situation.

Enter CARFAX®, which has built its successful business on giving its customers as much detailed information as it can on the vehicle(s) they want to buy … before they sign on the dotted line. After all, an educated consumer is the best customer. And CARFAX® has millions of satisfied customers who have either bought used cars, or who have dodged a bullet and not purchased a particular car based on one of its reports.

How do cars and real estate link up in this situation?

If you think that buying a “bad” used car would not be a “good” thing, imagine what you would feel like if you, your company, your client, etc., purchased a “bad” piece of land, building or any other type of property … especially because you didn’t have the pertinent details on the property. Simply put, the stakes are much, much higher in a real-estate transaction. Don’t you deserve—heck, don’t you need—detailed information on a subject property or properties before you sit down at the closing table?

Get the dirt … on your dirt

Purchase a LandFAX™ report as the first step in your decision-making process, so you know ASAP if you want to pursue a particular property or properties. You can’t afford not to have all the information on the property you’re buying–or even selling. That’s an extremely low price to pay for peace of mind on your next property purchase.

If you manage properties for clients, you owe it to them to have all of the intelligence on their property or properties, too.

Unsure about what a LandFAX™ report actually includes? We spell it out for you, before you buy. We also have a list of the types of professionals and investors who would benefit the most from a LandFAX™ report.

If you need more than four (4) reports at a time, we offer multiple-quantity pricing. Corporate accounts are also available. Contact us for details on those programs.

You officially have no excuse. Protect yourself, no matter where you find yourself in the real estate transaction process. Buy a LandFAX™ USA report!

NOTE: CARFAX® is a registered trademark of CARFAX, Inc.

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