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Surveying 101: Why Survey, And When?

It’s a good question, actually: When … and why … should you have a parcel of land surveyed?

Basically, a survey gives you the intelligence—the facts—you need to know when you’re buying a piece of property. It’s also very important to have one on hand if a dispute arises about your land after you’ve purchased it.

Whether you’re buying (or you’ve bought) land with a structure or structures, you’re planning on subdividing it, or you’re holding it for future development, there’s no such thing as “what you see is what you get” when it comes to land ownership. Other times that cliché gets tossed out the window is when you’re buying a used car, motorcycle or boat.

In all of these cases, you’d want to have as many facts and as much information about your purchase as you can get your hands on. This “intelligence” will not only guide your decision process through the transaction, but will give you ammunition should anything go wrong after the sale is complete.

The same is true of land surveys. When combined with our LandFAX reports, you are protected both at the time of purchase, and in the future should someone try to deprive you of your rights.

You’ll always want to have both a LandFAX report or land survey, for tasks including:

  • Financing/re-financing a parcel
  • Obtaining title insurance
  • Partitioning a parcel among family members
  • Selling a parcel
  • Boundary dispute

These are just the main examples of when you want intelligence on a piece of property. Some of these wrap into the sale of land, so it’s twice or even three times as important to conduct a survey.

With the facts backing you up, you’re much less likely to get caught holding the short stick in any kind of dispute. A little bit of money spent up front can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in work later.

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This is the first in a continuing series of Surveying 101 articles that introduce the ideas, methods and benefits of land surveys. To see the entire series, click on Surveying 101 in the Filed Under section below.

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