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Need to make the right decision about your next real estate purchase?

You need intelligence ... plain and simple.

Buying a building and/or land for a business or as an investment? Or are you responsible for any step in the process? You need to have near-immediate, accurate and complete access to a property's important information.

That's where LandFAX™ USA comes in.

What's more, all of this costs as little as $197, and we compile most reports within 72 business hours.

See what is included in a LandFAX report, or look above to enter in the property's address or latitude/longitude coordinates for which you need intelligence.

A right decision now, made with the best intelligence, can save you headaches—and money—in the future.

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What's a LandFAX?

A LandFAX report is about much more than just plats and plots. We're talking full intelligence when it comes to the land and/or property in which you're interested.


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Who Needs One?

If you are associated with real estate in any way, you (and/or your clients) very likely need LandFAX reports for the properties you deal with. Our reports help a wide variety of professionals.


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